Mandy Sellars a 32 year old woman has legs which weigh 11 stones which is approximately 70 Kgs. Mandy 's legs weigh 70 kgs not because she is suffering from Elephantiasis but because of an extremely rare condition known as PROTEUS SYNDROME .Proteus Syndrome is rare as up till now only few hundreds of cases have been identified all over the world.

Joseph Merick commonly known as ELEPHANT MAN was also a victim of Proteus Syndrome. He had a facial tumor which gave him a look of an elephant. Proteus syndrome is an congenital disorder which causes an overgrowth of skin , bones , muscles , fatty tissues , blood & lymphatic vessels.It is a progressive condition, wherein children are usually born without any obvious deformities. As they age, tumors as well as skin and bone growths appear. The severity & locations of theses various asymmetrical growths vary greatly but typically the skull , one or more limbs & soles of the feet are affected.Researchers & doctors are still finding the cause of the rare disorder .There is no complete cure of Proteus Syndrome except for surgical removal of the tumors if possible.

Mandy Sellars although physically disabled due to Proteus Syndrome wishes to help human beings & she has found a job for her self after a long struggle .Thus we should all admire Mandy for her courage.

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