Believe me, I am not day dreaming. I Moksha in my full senses with my right hand on Geeta ,confirm that what ever you will read next is 100 % true .A more than 95 year old Chinese woman named Ms Zhao from Zhanjiang of Caton was noticed with a cattle horn like object on her forehead.

According to the elderly Chinese woman a mole appeared on her forehead some two or three years back. She admits that , she did not pay any attention to this mole & later a horn like structure grew from this mole which is about 12 cm long.The 12 cm long horn is hard but painless & without any sensitivity but the horn has blocked the Nonagenarian's vision to a certain extent.

Isn't it unbelievable ? but it is true .Everything & anything is possible for mother Nature

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Max Maynard said...

Well, It seems to be a sebaceous horn. It isn't a very rare thing to see(though nowadays it has become rare due to improved hygiene of people). It forms due to dried up sebum(oily secretion of skin) accumulating up. The mole which was being referred actually had been the punctum of a pre-existing sebaceous cyst.